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WOODguard oil based semi-transparent preservative stain designed for log homes




Beautifully oiled!

WOODguard oil based stain and sealer for log homes, cabins in MD, VA, WV

WOODguard is an economical and easy to apply oil based stain that moisturizes the wood, and is comprised of non-drying oils. The coating must be replenished each time the wood is cleaned, since any cleaner will re-emulsify the oils in the product. It is popular with DIY’ers. Your log home will need a maintenance wash in order to have an additional coat of WOODguard applied to it. Because it is classified as a non-drying oil, this will be necessary each time you have the logs cleaned. Many home owners are also interested in Bee Gone, which helps to combat the carpenter bees. It is compatible with this product line.

Only tinted sealers (containing pigment that gives them color) offer UV protection for your wood. For this reason we only suggest using tinted sealers or solid stains for your exterior wood. Clear sealers (water clear) are not recommended, and will not offer you the level of protection found in tinted sealers and solid stains. Color may vary depending on age, species and porosity of wood. All exterior wood surfaces need to be cleaned, and sealed on a scheduled maintenance cycle, in order to protect your investment and maintain the coating. It’s important to inspect your logs to ensure that other areas such as log ends don’t need attention. We perform other log home services for maintenance and restoration like stripping, crushed glass blasting, chinking, check filling, rot repair and half log replacement.

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WOODguard Semi-Transparent Wood Stains:

Honey 2000

Honey Base

Tawny Cypress

Warm Pecan




Dark Walnut