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Cedar Home Maintenance & Redwood Siding Care Low Pressure Washing  Cleaning, Stripping, Repairs, Sealing in MD, VA, WV

Cedar home maintenanceCedar and redwood sided homes are special, and require certain kinds of care, in order to clean, restore, and protect them. Cedar home maintenance and redwood home maintenance are services we are proud to offer. See Dirt Run!™ specializes in wood restoration, and we have worked on a variety of common and exotic woods alike ranging from pressure treated pine, to cedar and redwood, to ipe and more, as well as offering full service restoration and cob blasting on log homes. Not all woods should be cleaned using the same methods, and there are correct and incorrect methods. Cedar and redwood siding, and cedar shingles and shakes should be cleaned using a two step method prior to sealing the wood with a semitransparent oil based finish. Cedar home maintenance and redwood home maintenance require special techniques because the wood is soft and can easily be damaged.

Using a two step method to clean and restore the cedar brings the pH of the wood back into balance prior to sealing. When performing cedar home maintenance, balancing the pH allows for both better adhesion and performance of the finish being applied to the cedar home. Wood moisture content should also be checked prior to applying the finish when performing cedar home maintenance.


What’s the wrong way to do it? Well, high pressure washing alone is the incorrect way to properly clean and restore the beautiful cedar or redwood siding, or cedar shingles or shakes on your home. Lower pressure when washing cedar or redwood combined with the proper cleaning solutions yields the best results for these softer woods, and is the correct way to perform cedar home maintenance.

Can anything strip the solid stain off of my cedar or redwood home? YES! Most pressure washing companies clean decks, but are inexperienced when it comes to stripping solid stain off of the cedar or redwood siding, or cedar shingles or shakes found on homes.

Specific products and methods should be used to remove old failing finishes, but high pressure washing alone is not advised. We use low pressure washing with our stripping agent, then we balance the pH of the cedar or redwood.

Your home and the surrounding areas will be meticulously cared for during the restoration process. See Dirt Run!™ uses job appropriate equipment and materials, taking great care to mask up all doors and windows when sealing, and to cover all plants and grass in the area being worked on.We’ll care for your property as if it were our own! Click the link to view  our work on a client’s cedar home.