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Log Home Care, Maintenance and Restoration with Perma-Chink Products, MD, VA, WV, PA

Oak & Gloss

Dark Natural & Gloss

Hazelnut & Gloss

Before restoration!

Bronze & Satin

Almond & Satin

Natural & Satin

Sequoia & Gloss

Almond on the rails.
Semi-Cedar on the floor.

Perma Chink Log Home Care Products, Maintenance, Restoration MD, VA, WV, DE, PA

See Dirt Run!™ Inc. is proud to offer the Perma-Chink line of products for log home care. Perma Chink offers an excellent line, serving the needs of homeowners who have log homes, log cabins, and cedar sided homes. Both Ultra 2 and Ultra 7 offer a 5 Year Warranty from Perma Chink when all of the suggested coats are installed. Lifeline Advance top coat offers excellent protection while enhancing the look of the color coat. The Lifeline Accents collection offers a beautiful selection of semi-solid stains to compliment the trim or other wood surfaces on your home. Deck Defense is an excellent choice to protect your deck completing the finished look of your home. While they are not inexpensive, these coatings are among the best in their class in the log home coatings market today. The products are VOC compliant in all 50 US States including the Northeast Corridor and California.

Only tinted sealers (containing pigment that gives them color) offer UV protection for your log home, log cabin, cedar siding, or wood deck. For this reason we only suggest using tinted sealers or solid stains for your exterior wood clear sealers (water clear) are not recommended, and will not offer you the level of protection found in tinted sealers and solid stains. Why don’t we list other products typically seen in stores or mentioned by contractors? Because we’re very particular about the products we use. We suggest only those products that we have seen stand the test of time and meet our own criteria for durability. We’ve tried and tested many products and believe these to be the top products available on the market today.

Color may vary depending on age, species and porosity of wood. To view examples of these products applied to various species and ages of wood, visit our photo and video gallery and view video customer testimonials. To view larger images of the color swatches below, click the individual swatch. We also have project galleries featuring photos of homes with specific colors installed. We encourage you to visit them.

Perma Chink Ultra 2:
Butternut 854 Autumn Gold 815 Dark Honey 822 Wheat 821 Natural 880
Perma Chink Perma Chink Perma Chink
Dark Natural 830 Hazelnut 870 Cedar 885 Bronze 874 Walnut 865
Stone Gray 863 Gentry Gray 842 Driftwood 861 Oak 832 Sequoia 835
Chestnut 868 Pickled White 850 Classic Brown 878 Beachwood 848 Barn Gray 872
Perma Chink Ultra 7:
Caramel 325 Oak 332 Almond 345 Bronze 374 Chestnut 365
Smoke 363 Cedar 385 Eucalyptus 390 Rustic Gray 372
Perma Chink Lifeline Advance Top Coat:
Gloss Satin
Perma Chink Deck Defense:
Harvest Wheat Honey Maple Redwood Hickory Weathered Gray
Perma Chink Lifeline Accents:
Midnight 714 Azure 718 Newport 722 Garnet 726 Cinnabar 730
Barn Red 734 Bordeaux 738 Black Walnut 742 Espresso 746 Charcoal 750
Sand 754 Pickled White 762 Umber 758 Spruce 766 Evergreen 770
Jade 774 Forest 778 Fern 782