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Log Home Interior Stain, Sealing, Log Cabin Interior Finishing, Refinishing, Restoration Sanding MD, VA, WV, PA, DE

The interiors of log homes and cabins need special care, maintenance. Sometimes restoration work is performed on them if they are from a historic era such as the 1700’s or 1800’s. Regardless of their age, all log homes need a specially formulated interior log stain or sealer applied to them. Newer homes may need to be hand cleaned on the interior from time to time. Occasionally there may be a coating issue involving removing the finish to restore the logs beneath the coating.

Many of today’s log homes cabins are chink-less. However, older historic log homes and log cabins from circa 1700 or 1800 have chinking made from mortar and other substances. Chinking removal or chinking repair work for these log homes may need to be performed to correct a variety of problems effecting your logs. Your home should be inspected for signs of rot, and decay and treated if necessary at that time. If you own a home built prior to 1978 you need to read Renovate Right to learn about the potential hazards of lead paints in your home.

Interior Log Home Finishing For Walls, Ceilings, Flooring & Rails

But, older log cabins and homes are not the only ones that requiring attention. Some log home owners do nothing to protect the interior logs from UV damage, mistakenly thinking that they won’t suffer from UV exposure. However, this is untrue. It’s important to have a log home interior stain or sealer applied to the logs. Even a clear coat with a UV boost additive will offer protection to your interior logs. Many log homes have great rooms with large glass windows and doors that allow sun to come streaming in onto the logs. Over time, the wood will begin to gray.

Also, bare wood in the kitchen is subject to both moisture and grease. Exposed bare logs in the bathroom offer an environment that is perfect for mildew growth on the logs. Sometimes log home owners will purchase an inappropriate clear finish from a hardware store and apply it. While this does offer some protection to the logs, it may leave an unsightly halo when the coating yellows and the log home owner goes to move a wall hanging, creating the need for refinishing. Applying a clear finish that offers UV protection without yellowing the logs is important not only to most owners but also to prospective buyers. Prospective buyers typically look for things like this during walk through.

Interiors of log homes that require restoration need specialized care and methods to restore them properly. Many older log homes are coated with paint, because homeowners did not know what else to do. When wood is painted you increase the risk of rot infesting the wood. Removing the paint to take care of these types of issues is suggested. After removing the paint, a log home interior stain or sealer should be used to replace it. It’s important to note that the exteriors of these log homes require protection from the elements as well. Levels exceeding 20% wood moisture content (WMC) is where rot can begin to set in.

Log Home Maintenance & Upkeep Inside & Out

Log home manufacturers recommend that the exterior and interior be inspected at least once a year. It’s also recommended that the interior logs be coated with an interior stain or sealer. Many home owners don’t want a color on the interior log, and a log home interior stain is often semi-transparent so you’ll still see the wood. Clear sealers are also available with added UV boost protection against yellowing. Interior wood can grey from UV exposure too, which is why a log home interior stain is important, and protects your logs.

The process involved in restoring the interior of a newer or historic log home is very demanding and requires keep attention to detail. If you are in need of specialized interior work for you log home or cabin, call See Dirt Run!™ Inc. We can help! To view more beautiful examples of our work as well as video testimonials from some of our clients, visit our photo and video gallery today! We’re glad to help you with any questions about log home interior stain or sealers.

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So you say you are not located in Maryland? We also work out of state offering services in the following areas: Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV), Delaware (DE), Pennsylvania (PA). We will consider traveling to other areas on a project by project basis for log home blasting and other services.