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Penofin Rosewood Oil Ipe Mahogany Decks

Is Your Deck Made of Hardwood?

We care for Ipe, Mahogany, Cambara,
Purple Heart, Pau Lope, Teak,
Brazilian Cherry and more!

Beautiful Ipe Deck!

Beautifully cleaned and sealed ipe deck!

Beautiful Purpleheart Deck!

Beautifully cleaned and sealed Purpleheart deck!

Beautifully Cared For!

This pressure treated deck
was cleaned and sealed.

Does Your Deck Need Stripping?

Do you have a tough coating that you want
removed from your deck, fence, or outdoor furniture?
We specialize in tough finish removal.

Penofin Rosewood Oil for Ipe & Mahogany Decks MD VA

Both ipe and mahogany decks are are constructed from very dense and hard wood. As a consequence, when it comes to sealers or stains very little product penetrates the wood. Therefore, you’ll need a product specifically formulated for use on ipe or mahogany decking. Of course, Penofin Rosewood Oil can also be used on teak furniture. Only oil based products should be applied to ipe and mahogany.

Penofin Rosewood Oil
Penofin Rosewood Oil
Penofin Rosewood Oil
Penofin Rosewood Oil

Penofin offers two tones in their Rosewood Oil product line. Both allow the beauty of the wood to show through, and are semi-transparent in nature. Contact our office today to get an estimate for your deck.