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Log Home Crushed Glass Blasting

Media blasting offers a
safe, dry and environmentally friendly
alternative to chemical stripping.

We Provide Partial Blasting Services

Not all areas need blasting.
Not all surfaces should be blasted.

Log Home Rot Repair & Half Log Replacement

From rot repair to complete
half log replacement
we offer the service
that's right for your home.

Log & Cedar Home Stripping

Do you have a tough coating that you want
removed from your log or cedar home?
We specialize in tough finish removal

Log Home Blasting With Corn Cob & Crushed Glass to Strip Finish, Restore Log Homes & Cabins in MD VA WV

For log homes and cabins, both corn cob and crushed glass blasting are an environmentally sound alternative approach to wood restoration. Media blasting requires the use of high pressure air and biodegradable corn cob or crushed glass media which is available in available in different grits. Accordingly, log home blasting is performed with crushed glass or cob media to remove or strip old or unwanted coatings. Blasting is an excellent alternative for removing sealers, stains and paints without the use of chemicals which may not be suitable for some log homes and cabins exhibiting certain conditions.

Log Home Crushed Glass VS Corn Cob Blasting

Additionally, media blasting may be used to correct surface deficiencies found on aged and poorly maintained log homes. Specifically, cob or crushed glass blasting is similar to sanding, because it is a dry and dusty method of getting back to bare wood. Appropriately, media blasting is often used on neglected log homes and cabins with a history of rot and fungal decay. It’s important to know that log homes with significant rot should avoid the introduction of water and chemicals from pressure washing. The circumstances requiring the cob or crushed glass blasting process can be determined upon our evaluation of your log home.

Comparing crushed glass and corn cob media doesn’t have to be confusing. In fact, the differences make the comparison easy. Corn cob media is vesterday’s technology. Moisture is absorbed easily by any media that remains in checks and fissures in the logs, making them susceptible to rot and decay because corn cob media is biodegradable. However, crushed glass media is not biodegradable, it is finer than Caribbean beach sand, will not hold or retain moisture and actually has benefits for the soil around your home, making gardening easier in areas where tough clay exists. For this reason we use crushed glass for all of our blasting projects. It’s better for your logs.

Log Home Restoration Services MD VA PA WV DE

After the log home or cabin blasting has been completed, the logs are immediately ready for the next step in your project. Since both corn cob blasting and crushed glass blasting are dry processes, there is no waiting for the logs on your home or cabin to dry out like there is with pressure washing and chemical stripping.

All log home restoration and maintenance projects have multiple steps that may include the following: cob or glass log home blasting, power washing, chemical stripping, low pressure maintenance washing to removing mildew, algae or fungus removal, rot repair and half log replacement, buffing or sanding, chinking repair or replacement, caulking or energy sealing, check filling, installing log home gasket tape, grip strips or backer rods, installing multiple coats of a sealer or stain.

Chemical stripping is a cleaning method that is part of pressure or power washing, and is suitable for log homes and log cabins under certain conditions, but not all homes should be washed. Does your home have an older failing finish or stain that you have been unable to remove yourself? Are you unsure what sealer or stain is on the logs because the prior owner left no information behind? Blasting with crushed glass or cob may be the alternative you need. Log home blasting is a very popular and often a necessary method for removing an unwanted failing sealer or stain.

Our Log Home Cob & Crushed Glass Blasting Service Areas

So you say you are not located in Maryland? We also work out of state offering services in the following areas: Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV), Delaware (DE), Pennsylvania (PA). We will consider traveling to other areas on a project by project basis for log home blasting and other services.

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