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Client Video Testimonials Log Homes, Cedar Homes and Decks, MD, VA, WV, PA, DE

Welcome to our Video Testimonial page.  You will find log home and deck  video testimonials from some of our clients here. We encourage you to view our client video testimonials to see what our customers have to say about tour work. Some of these log homes and decks were restored, and some were maintained. Some of the projects involved chemical stripping, and some were blasted with crushed glass. When requested, they may have has either energy seal or chinking installed. Some might have had rot repair work performed. The homes were also sealed.

This home was restored, and has been maintained too. Sequoia and Satin, Black Walnut trim. Log home restoration testimonial. If you have had prior contractors
let you down, we hope to turn that around. Oak and Gloss

Log home video testimonial  for full restoration. We pay attention to the little details so you don’t have to. This house was restored with Bronze and Satin. Log home and deck video testimonial. Our goal isn’t to serve you one, but to care for your home for many years to come. This house was restored, then a few years later received maintenance. Natural and Gloss.

Log home testimonial, full restoration and chinking. Enjoy increased energy efficiency! Are you thinking about chinking or energy sealing? Log home restoration  testimonial. This is a fun video.  We don’t really work as fast as this happy customer claimed, but it sure looks that way in time lapse. Oak and Gloss.

Full restoration, oak and gloss installed. Full restoration, Cedar and Satin installed.

Sikkens maintenance. Restoration, Hazelnut and Satin