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Corporate Business Links

Corporate Business Link Page

We’re happy to add this long overdue Corporate Business Links page to our site. Somehow, many other things have always gotten in the way of getting this posted and online. How this works is really simple and straightforward. We’ll tell you a bit about the business, and provide a link. There’s no cost. However in the name of good business and tracking referrals all that we ask is that when you call to inquire with any of these companies, please mention us by name. All small businesses like to know who to thank, and where leads come from. So without further ado, here’s our little list. Over time we may add or subtract from this Corporate Business Links list. Also we would relish any feedback about those on the list, good or bad. After all, we certainly want to make sure that we’re always sharing the very best. Thanks for reading.


  • A really cool Travel Blog with great advice and tips.
  • Travel Agents – okay many of you didn’t know this, but we own a travel franchise. Here’s our link.

Home Improvement

We really love Shanco Home Improvement. Over the years, they have done quite a bit of work for us, and we highly recommend them. If you have plumbing issues, we like Your1Plumber. Give them a call. They’ll sort you out.