See Dirt Run! Inc.

About See Dirt Run!™ Pressure washing in Maryland

About See Dirt Run!™ Pressure washing in Maryland

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company and the services we provide. We feel confident that should you choose our company, you’ll be pleased with the results. We hope that the information you receive here will help you to make the best decision possible for you as a consumer. Please take a moment to look at the list below. We think you’ll agree that that our credentials and the examples of our work point to one conclusion, making See Dirt Run!™ Inc. educated choice for all of your cleaning, restoration, and pressure washing needs. We invite you to browse our photo gallery and read our testimonials.

What matters to us…

Your patronage!

We want you to enjoy the service we provide.

Our staff!

We strive to train and educate our staff to their fullest potential.

The environment!

We like things nice and clean, with the least environmental impact possible.

Our Philosophy

Our company strives to deliver excellence across the board, from the first call into our office, to the finished result of your project. We believe that a job should be done right. We’ve been in business since 1999, and over the years have heard from folks who had buyers remorse because they purchased services from a company and thought they were getting professional services for a bargain price. Doing a job correctly can be costly, and the skill and knowledge necessary to do the job properly are important. We don’t believe in shortcuts. We believe in properly performed work, and happy customers.

  • Licensed MD MHIC# 86481, VA HIC# 2705 126609, Bonded and Insured
  • Member of the PWNA since 1999
  • PWNA Wood Restoration & Preservation Certified since 1999
  • PWNA Board of Directors: 2003, 2004, PWNA Executive Secretary: 2004
  • Active PWNA Committee participants for multiple years
  • PWNA Guest Speaker Multiple Years – Beth Borrego
  • PWNA Professional Image Award Winners
  • PWNA Clean Across America participants
  • We answer our own calls – no answering service!
  • Our employees are thoroughly trained by our President. No sub-contractors!
  • Expert Knowledge & Professional Equipment
  • Specialized Wood Care Services Since 1999
  • Published numerous Articles, and authored one book – Cleaner Times Magazine
  • Published in Country’s Best Cabins magazine
  • Published numerous Articles- BlastMaster Magazine

Have you ever asked a contractor a question and not gotten an answer you felt was well informed or educated? Have you found yourself not really getting the question answered at all but merely avoided? Have you received multiple answers to a question and ended up confused and wondering what the truth really is? Is your answer yes to one or more of these questions? We encourage questions of all kinds, and will take the time necessary to address each one, so that you may fully understand the best approach to your project, and the conditions present on your job site.

We’ve covered the business basics such as being Licensed (MHIC# 86481), Bonded and Insured. These are a normal part doing business in Maryland. Always ask to see a copy of the MHIC License and certificate of insurance. Check the expiration dates. Bear in mind, that these licensing requirements do not test an individual on the type of work that they perform, they only examine the basic laws governing business in Maryland. We’ve gone well beyond the basics required by Maryland Law. We’ve invested in our company through the proven methods and carefully scrutinized industry standards instructed by the PWNA.