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Videos of pressure washing, corn cob blasting, floor refinishing, ipe, teak, pool aprons, patios, by See Dirt Run!™ Inc.

You Tube Video Archive

Welcome to our You Tube video archive. This page has a comprehensive list of all of our You Tube videos. You will see examples of many of our services here. Once you are done here you will want to review out Testimonials page and our Photo Gallery as well. If you prefer larger, higher resolution videos, they are located on the pages that are relevant to their topic. Quick links are provided here for your convenience. All photos on this site are examples of work performed for See Dirt Run!™ clients.

This video demonstrates some of our repair and replacement work. It shows simple board repair work, handrail cap replacement, floor board replacement, privacy wall installation, deck re-skinning (reflooring), and custom bench creation.

If you are a log, cedar or redwood home owner, this video is one to watch. It demonstrates corn cob blasting, chemical stripping and pressure washing, as well as log buffing and prep work, chinking work and caulking work and sealing and staining.

If you are the proud owner of a deck made from Ipe, Mahogany, Brazilian Redwood, Cambara or Paul Lope, this is a video not to be missed. It demonstrates for you what you can expect your hardwood deck to look like one we are finished restoring it.

Do you have outdoor furniture made from Pine, Cedar, Redwood, Mahogany, Teak, Ipe, Cambara, Balau, Brazilian Cherry or another hardwood? Have you watched it deteriorate thinking nothing could be done to keep it beautiful each season? Watch this video, and give us a call.

This video features corn cob blasting for log homes.

If you have a patio made of flagstone, slate, concrete, or brick and would like to have the build up of dirt, mildew and algae removed so you can enjoy spending time outside this season, give us a call.

To maintain the finish on your log, cedar or redwood home regular maintenance is very important. Contact our office to day to see what your home needs this season.

An alternative to corn cob or glass blasting paint off of a wood home is chemical stripping. This video demonstrates the process.

A dirty pool apron is not only unsightly, but can become a slip and fall hazard for family, friends and other guests if it is not kept clean. Accumulations of dirt, mildew and algae can make the surface slippery when wet.

Are your interior hardwood floors in need of refinishing? Watch this video to see a stunning transformation.