See Dirt Run! Inc.

Rod Rodriguez, President

See Dirt Run President Rod RodriguezHello, my name is Rod Rodriguez, and I’m the President of See Dirt Run!™ Inc. My fascination with and love for wood began back when I worked in a lumber mill, pulling wood off of a conveyor belt, sorting it for grade and banding it for shipment. This introduction to wood as a building material means more to me now than I could possibly have known it would then. Next, I worked for a cabinet manufacturing company as an assembler working my way up to the position of Foreman. My duties included overseeing production and quality control. During my time there, I was also introduced to the art of wood staining and finishing, and adopted wood finishing as a hobby aside from the work that I did. I learned about the properties of various species of wood, and the way wood acts and reacts even after being milled. This introduction to wood encompassed four years of my professional life, prior to launching See Dirt Run!™ Inc. I guess you could say I’ve spent more than a decade dedicated to just specializing in wood care alone. That’s quite a bit of time. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked with several types of Pressure Treated lumber (CCA, CA-B, ACQ), several species of Cedar, several species of pine (not pressure treated), Redwood, Ipe, Balau, Brazilian Redwood, Teak, Mahogany, Hemlock, Cambara, Hickory, Oak, Spruce and Walnut. Our company has restored decks, cedar homes, log homes, fences, playsets, sheds, gazebos, furniture, and enclosed porches, and we’re we’re dedicated to the quality of each and every job. Some of the log homes we have restored date back to the 1700’s. I’m proud of the remarkable growth we’ve achieved since the company first launched in January of 1999. See Dirt Run!™ Inc. is proud to be Federally Trademarked, and strives to maintain its reputation for excellent quality and performance. As a part of our commitment to excellence, we think you’ll agree that it’s refreshing to call our office and get a live See Dirt Run!™ Inc. employee, not some cold and uninformed answering service. We believe that our service to you begins when you place your first call to us. We’re there for you. Of course, we’ve covered the business basics such as being Licensed (MHIC# 86481), Bonded and Insured. These are a normal part doing business in this state. Bear in mind, that these licensing requirements do not test an individual on the type of work that they perform. I’ve been a member of the PWNA since, 1999 and have been certified in Wood Restoration and Preservation several times. Our company attended the Advanced Wood Restoration Seminar the first time it was offered (current certification was a prerequisite) in Dallas. No other Maryland company can say they’ve been certified since 1999 with PWNA, have re-certified as required by PWNA during that time, and have also attended the Advanced Wood Restoration Seminar. Always look for the PWNA logo, and ask to see the Membership Certificate and Certification Certificate. Check the expiration dates. The PWNA requires re-certification to ensure that companies are kept abreast of the latest changes in their particular area of focus. New research is constantly being done as new technology develops. Re-certification makes a huge difference. Both the PWNA Membership and Certification do expire, unlike the manufacturer based training certificates. Manufacturer based training certificates are designed to train the contractor on the use of a particular line of products so that they may be applied correctly. We’ve taken others as well, but have found the certification offered by the PWNA on an ongoing basis to be far more in depth and up to date. In 2004 I served on the PWNA Certifications Committee, and worked towards developing a new course on 1-3 Story House and Building Washing. Many hours of research time go into the development of course work, and requirements by OSHA and EPA, as well as other issues must considered. I’m honored to be a part of such programs, and feel that this will help to build awareness putting the PWNA on the national scene for power washers as a respectable source of support, education and leadership. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company, the services we provide, and for considering us. I feel confident that should you choose our company, you’ll be pleased with the results. Regardless of your decision, we’re glad to have had the opportunity to share with you a little bit about our company, our work ethics and our standards for excellence. We hope that the information you learn here will help you to make the best decision possible for you as a consumer. Respectfully, Rod Rodriguez, President