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Log Home Corner Styles

Log Home Care and Corner Styles

There are many different styles of log homes, just like there are different species of wood to build with. If you purchased your home with very little information available to you, this quick guide may help you to determine the construction style that was used.

log home care Butt and PassButt and pass corners have been used for centuries on log homes. With butt and pass the logs of adjoining walls appear to be on the same level. One log extends beyond the corner and the meeting log butts into it. Continuing upward or downward the opposite log is longer and the adjoining log butts into it. This creates symmetry and the continuation of lines, and on the interior that creates a very balanced look.

Log home care DovetailThe dovetail corner features beveled cuts at the top and bottom on a log. The logs fit into place the way they would on older, hand crafted furniture. Dovetail logs usually feature overlapping ends and have square or rectangular cut. This style of log is particularly appealing to homeowners who wish to have chinking installed for decorative or functional purposes. The ends of the logs are finished so that they resemble a doves tail, hence the name.

Log home care Corner PostThe style in which the logs meet in a corner but do not extend past the wall, is the corner post style. It’s a more formal look than traditional corner styles and can be adapted for a post-and-beam system, integrating logs and timbers with other building materials. Additionally, a corner post system can be used in total log construction. It is frequently used with dormer windows or log siding style designs, along side other corner options which may be used on the main part of the house.

Log home care Saddle NotchSaddle notch is similar to interlocking. Each log has a semi-circle cut into the bottom so that it fits well. Saddle notch is used with the Swedish cope style logs.

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