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House Washing using Low Pressure techniques in MD & VA

Over time, houses accumulate a buildup of algae, mildew, dirt and pollen. This is not only unsightly but bad for your siding’s health as well as your own. As you know, mildew represents a health risk. Additionally, your home represent the single biggest investment that you’ll ever make. For this reason, we perform house washing using low pressure soft washing methods. Our professional methods get your home clean using a safe and gentle technique. However, this service should be performed every two years due to regrowth and new pollutants. We’ve been washing houses using our low pressure method since 1999. It’s also important to know that vinyl and aluminum siding should also be cleaned prior to any exterior painting.

What’s the safe and gentle way to wash a house? We inject environmentally friendly cleaners onto the side and let them work. Next we agitate the worst areas with a soft bristled brush if needed, to help break down heavy build ups. Lastly, we rinse using a low pressure cascading water.  We have the ability to generate warm water with our equipment.

Some other services you might consider when scheduling your house wash are:

What to AVOID: Using nothing but cold water and pressure, which forces water underneath of your siding. Bleach as the only cleaner can cause oxidation problems.