See Dirt Run!™ Inc. of Germantown, MD., published in Country’s Best Log Homes Magazine with maintenance article

See Dirt Run!™ Inc. of Germantown, MD., published in Country’s Best Log Homes Magazine.

See Dirt Run!™ Inc. Vice President Beth Borrego asked to write article on log cabin maintenance; published Nationwide in May 2009.

CBLH Issue CoverGermantown, MD – June 4, 2009 Beth Borrego, Vice President of Maryland based company See Dirt Run!™ Inc. was contacted back in February by Countrys Best Log Homes Magazine regarding writing an article on log cabin maintenance for the magazine’s upcoming Cozy Cabins issue. Borrego authored the article entitled “6 Easy Steps to Maintaining Your Cabin” appearing on pages twenty six through twenty eight. See Dirt Run!™ Inc. of Germantown, MD, a local power washing company specializing in high end wood restoration and wood preservation, has been restoring and maintaining log homes since 1999.

The article focuses on basic maintenance and issues that all log home owners should be aware of. Rod Rodriguez, President of See Dirt Run!™ Inc. is quoted in the article and emphasizes the importance of inspecting the logs regularly and checking for rot. Perma Chink representative Vince Palmere was also quoted in the article, offering sound advice to home owners on maintenance. Perma Chink is one of the top industry leaders in log home care products. Borrego has also published an article on log home maintenance and restoration in Cleaner Times Magazine, and has been contributing author for several years.

See Dirt Run!™ Inc. is an active certified member of PWNA, a member of the Better Business Bureau, the UAMCC, the Chamber of Commerce, and operates under MHIC License #86481. Interested parties should contact the office at 302-540-1243. Country’s Best Log Homes is one magazine in a family of publications serving the log home and timber frame home industry.