02 – Daily Routine, Rules and Procedures:

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Daily Routine, Rules and Procedures:

  1. Job Time Logging – Upon dispatching to job site from hotel, each employee fills out their own time sheet entering the correct time in the corresponding date of work.
  2. Record vehicle odometer readings as indicated on the work order.
  3. Observe traffic rules and speed limits. Citations you receive are your responsibility to pay.
  4. If a See Dirt Run! Inc. officer has indicated a stop will be made in route to acquire food for lunch, keep the stop as brief as possible.
  5. Proceed with work order and complete as designated.
  6. Smoke breaks must be kept to a minimum. Remember, providing time for your habit is not an obligation of this company. Once work begins, breaks for water, shade and lunch are acceptable times but keep in mind, for health and safety reasons – smoking is not recommended.
  7. Keep the job site clean at all times and minimize our effect to the property while working. (ie; pick up trash as you come across it, avoid stepping on plants, altering landscape enhancements, damaging lighting etc.) The reviews these clients give us will weigh on the decisions other prospective clients will make in whether to choose our company.
  8. Maintain the equipment by cleaning and making ready for the next day as progress indicates.
  9. Secure and tie down all items loaded in the vehicles to avoid load shifting.
  10. Job site storage; only with the client’s permission do we leave ladders and scaffolding on their property overnight. All other tools and equipment must be secured in the vehicles unless an officer specifies otherwise.
  11. End time is recorded upon arrival at the hotel once the vehicles and their contents are secured.

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